The Plan

Over the past few months, we've updated various friends and family with our rough plan for our year of travel. By popular demand here's a quick snippet of information we have now. The goal is to heavily plan our first few months and as we figure things out, leave room to adjust after that. We will try to update the blog with where we are and what we're up to.

The locations were picked primarily for optimum weather/seasons, in other words, to follow spring/summer around the globe. And of course, for countries on our bucket list (Thailand! Ecuador! Scotland!).

In addition to seeing the world, our goal is to forge deeper connections with people, and along those lines to meet up with friends all over. On our current list we have Tios Loy/Adrian in Puerto Vallarta/GDL, Jessica in Guadalajara, and Jennifer in Zurich. We're looking to add more that may have slipped our minds - if you can dream it, message us to see if we can make it work.

Quick facts:
Start date: Feb/March 2020
Start location: Mexico
Trip Length: ~1 year international
Insurance: Travel insurance, plus basic health insurance in the US (Our system in the US is pretty difficult).
Our stuff: Leaving it with Carolyn's parents in southern California (thank you!)
Work: Yep, we're quitting/taking a year long personal leave if possible.
Communication: We both have new phones with GoogleFI (low rates for international and good coverage), and we'll use WhatsApp heavily for video chat/text/etc. Email us for contact info if needed. You can also subscribe to this blog for updates, or follow us on Instagram.